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“CHINA SHANGHAI ZHIHE FRP CO LTD (Zhihe), is a leading global supplier of well-proven radomes for ground based and mobile radars and communications systems in the civil aviation, meteorology, defence and general security arenas. Zhihe owns the full intellectual property rights for its radome products. Zhihe research & development, manufacturing and testing facilities located in Pudong New Area, adjacent to Shanghai Pudong International Airport; occupy about 26,000 square meters. Zhihe founded in 1998 has about 180 employees, of which more than 30% are scientists, engineers and technologists engaged in designing and manufacturing state of the art radomes for diverse applications. Zhihe has achieved compliance with stringent Chinese government quality and performance standards which are equivalent to international standards.


Zhihe radome product line includes the full range of ground-based and mobile platform radomes in terms of size (fromΦ3m toΦ40M) and frequency (P, L, S, C, X, Ka, Ku bands and broadband) which have all passed overall technical performance tests.

Over the past several years, Zhihe state of the science ground-based 8.6m, 11.8m, 17m, and 25m radomes have been successfully deployed for Air Traffic Management, Meteorology and Defence systems within China and across the world in countries like the US, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Venezuela and Pakistan. Zhihe has provided its radomes to well-established global radar manufacturers like Selex, Indra, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Intelcan and EEC.  


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